In Partnership with Connect with Kids:
Access evidence-based video resources focused on improving the health, behavior and well-being of students and their families. Login to create your own user name and password. Complete the requested information, including the WUESD organization code.

Have Questions?
Click here if you need the organization code to sign up. Check out our FAQs for more information. Email Yuri Lopez, Yuri.Lopez@icoe.org, or call 760-344-4364 ext. 2330

How can I log on to create my own username and password?
Westmorland Union Elementary School district has licensed this Connect with Kids WebSource and has been assigned an organization code that allows you to create your own user name and password. Click on the Sign Up button in the upper right hand corner of the homepage and follow the prompts.

How do I get the organization code?
WUESD students and faculty, please contact Yuri Lopez, yuri.lopez@icoe.org, or call 760-344-4364 ext. 2330

Who uses Connect with Kids WebSource?
Students, parents, educators and administrative staffs (classroom teachers, school nurses, guidance counselors and P.E. teachers and coaches), social workers, probation officers, hospital personnel, and parents all use Connect with Kids. Any adult who wants to help improve the lives of children will find that Connect with Kids is a great tool to help students relate to adults and each other.

Here are other ways and places teachers, parents and community leaders use WebSource:

  • Health Class
    Peer Leadership Groups
    Individual or Group Counseling
    Professional Development
    One-on-one Sessions
    After School Programs
    PTA Meetings
  • Physical Education
    Technology/Computer Lab
    Parent-Teacher Conferences
    Group Sessions
    Community Activities

Is there research supporting Connect with Kids programs?
Connect with Kids programs are evidence-based. Connect with Kids appears as an “Effective Producer” of programs on the U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse List. Read more at http://connectwithkids.com/research/

Have more questions?
Call Connect with Kids WebSource support at 1-888-594-KIDS (5437), extension 145.